A Leap Of Faith

If someone would have told me a year ago that some time in the near future my family would be living in Florida, I would have called them crazy. I never imagined that we would actually pack everything up and move half way across the country. Not to mention the fact that I hate driving on the highway. But we did do exactly that and its been almost five months. We did it when we didn’t actually have a place to move into until three days after we arrived. Since we arrived, even before, it seems like all these things were hitting us left and right, trying to keep us from moving. From losing a relative to kidney failure, to fearing we would lose everything in Hurricane Irma, and having to deal with jobs that my mom and I both hate. There have been many times where I’ve wanted to put in my two weeks (I still do) but I can’t until I have another job lined up. So far no luck, but I’m hoping that changes soon.

So by now you might be asking: Why did we pack up and move across the country?

Well, the short answer is so that we could be part of a church that we had been watching online for the past couple of years. What I think is ironic about this, is that fact that during this whole moving process, our pastor had been talking on “Having Greater Faith”.

Literally two weeks before we actually left Colorado, I lost an uncle due to kidney failure and a bunch of other symptoms that had been bugging him for years. It was almost like his “end” was pushed to keep my family from moving to Florida to be a part of this church. Satan will do whatever it takes to keep us from doing what God called us to do. Satan is the destroyer of lives, not God. Satan is the one who doesn’t want us to succeed in our lives. The only way for a Christian to grow in their walk with God is to be part of a church with like believers. Though there were people wanting us to stay, especially after the funeral, we still went. It would have been so easy to just stay and not move at all. But then we wouldn’t be doing what we were feeling called to do.

Faith is believing that God has done it for you even before you see the end results. We may not know what the future holds for us in Florida, but if we continue to do what we are called to do, He will lead us through. We just need to keep moving forward, start speaking life into things instead of negativity, knowing that He has better things planned for us.


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