Q & A : Meet the Blogger

Hello! I hope you guys had a fun/safe Thanksgiving holiday and are ready for a new post. November is almost over and it is time for another post before we get into all of the holiday stuff. I’ve read a few other blogs and saw that some bloggers did a Q&A and after reading some of the comments and commenting on a few of them myself, I thought I would go ahead and give one a try. I have never done a Q&A post before, so we’ll see how this goes. And if it gets a good response, maybe I’ll do another one in the future.

1. Do I like dogs or cats better? I really like dogs better, mostly because I’m allergic to cats and if I could have any dog, I would want either a golden retriever, a husky or a german shepherd. Golden retriever being at the top of the list. 

2. Do I like Florida or Colorado More? This one really is just a biased opinion since I’ve only been in Florida a few months and was in Colorado pretty much my whole life, but I would pick Colorado over Florida any day. I am more of a mountain-loving girl than I am an ocean lover. Its not that I hate the ocean, its just I don’t like what lives in the ocean-like sharks, and whales and all of those other scary creatures. I do realize there are bears and mountain lions and creatures like that in the mountains, but at least when I come across one of those, I have a better chance of actually getting away, if I am smart about it. Ooh! I have a camping story with bears involved that I might share later on.

Leaving Colorful Colorado

3. Why Did We Move To Florida? The main and only reason is for church. For the last couple of years we have been watching church services online. This past April, they were having a really good deal on plane tickets for 3 people, so for our birthdays, my mom decided to get 3 plane tickets and fly us down to Florida to visit the church and the surrounding area. We fell in love with the church and the area, and my mom felt like we were being called to move to be a part of this church, so we moved.

4. What Did I Think Of My First Hurricane? Honestly, when I first heard about Irma I wasn’t that concerned about getting hit. We did eventually evacuate only to stop family back home in Colorado from freaking out. But honestly through the whole thing, I wasn’t that concerned about too much damage or anything big. Yeah, I was having thoughts that we could lose everything and that would suck. Losing all of our belongings in the first month in a new home. I think people were just freaking out because they had just seen what happened in Texas with Harvey and the damage they got. I think the annoying part though is the fact that we left, and there was no damage done to our apartment or the surrounding area. But the cool thing is that I really think God spared Sarasota from being damaged, because if you remember, the path of the eye changed and was heading straight for Sarasota. So yeah, for me it was pretty much no biggy. Just arriving in Florida during hurricane season.

Welcome to Florida

5. Where Do I See Myself In Ten Years? Lets see, in ten years I will be 30. I’m hoping to go to school at some point to get a degree in either journalism or criminal justice…or both. I’m hoping to have my own place, a better car, and a golden retriever. I’m hoping to either be dating or married, but considering how I’m doing right now in regards to dating, that may or may not happen in ten years. In the next few months, I am hoping to join the Army as a way to help pay for school, so we’ll see if that actually happens and where it takes me. I’m hoping at this point, things will be better financially. And, ten years from now, I am hoping that this blog is still up and running.

Sorry if this post seemed short, I was trying to keep my answers as short as possible, but to me some of them seem just a little bit long, I hope you guys don’t mind. Sorry about the smudges on the window in the welcome to Florida picture. We were on the highway and didn’t want to roll the window down-you can thank our dogs for the smudges. Lol.

Well, anyway, I suppose that is all for now. Until next time…



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