Month At A Glance: November 2017

I know December isn’t really for another two days but I thought I would go ahead and do this post now because November is pretty much over. How crazy is that? November is almost over and before we know it Christmas will be here, then New Years! I’m sure I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but it still doesn’t feel like winter to me. I just moved from Colorado to Florida, so winter for me, there has to be snow involved other wise, its not winter. The funny thing about that is, I have a love/hate relationship with snow. I like it, but I don’t like driving in it. If it just snowed everywhere except on the roads, I would be happy. But I don’t have to deal with that anymore for a while since Florida hasn’t gotten any snow since…I don’t know when, if ever.

I just have to say though, that this past month of November was crazy at work. Some of the employees were saying pretty much after Halloween its going to be busy until the New Year. Because with Thanksgiving and then the Christmas season, people want to get stuff when all of the good sales are going on. Of course there are sales going on other times of the year, but really it gets busy during the holiday season. Any of you who work in retail probably know that better than anyone, especially me since I’ve only been working retail a few months. Oh! On another exciting note, I survived working retail during Black Friday for the first time. I was honestly expecting it to be a lot worse than it was, but it was pretty much dead by the time I went in for shift.


On another note, I have been thinking of joining the Army to help pay my way through college, because I would really like to go to school that way I can get a better job than the one I currently have. I’ve already met with a recruiter and everything, I’m still just trying to decide if its something I actually want to do. Because with the Army, its pretty much a full time thing, from the sounds of it. Once you are in, you’re in. You can’t really leave unless its on medical conditions or if you are dead (I know strange/comforting way to put it). I’m planning on calling my recruiting officer some time today (I actually don’t know if I ever heard what her position/role/title is) so we’ll see how that goes. Is there anyone reading who has been through boot camp that can give any pointers for new recruits that a recruiter would not give?

Anyway, it looks like that is all for now. I hope y’all are enjoying your Wednesday (today is my doggies birthday!) and keep a look out for Saturday’s post.

So until Saturday…



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