Flip the Page and Move On

This past Sunday my pastor touched briefly on letting go of what happened in the past and moving forward, following God’s plans for our lives. What she talked about really hit hard for me and…well, probably pretty much anyone who was listening. Our beginning may not have been the greatest, but we can’t keep looking at the past or we will never reach the future that God has already planned for us. We need to forgive those who hurt us, flip the page and move on with the next chapter of our lives. Forgiveness is the key here. If we go through life holding a grudge against someone who hurt us years ago, we will never be able to move on from it.

I would like to say I’m not one who likes to hold grudges, but that statement would be false. Ever since my parents divorced, I have held a grudge against my dad for how he has treated me, my mom, and my older sister. And that was what…probably fourteen years ago now? I have heard many sermons on forgiveness and each time I hear one, it always hits me to the point where I start working up the nerve to actually forgive my dad for how he has treated us. It was nothing ever physical, it was emotional abuse he put us through. By the time I get to the point where I am ready to write a letter saying “I forgive you” to my dad because I’m scared to talk to him in person (he is a little intimidating), he always goes and does something else that makes me not want to forgive him. If I never forgive him for how he treated me when I was younger, and even still now, I will never be able to move on from it. My mom has said that she forgave my dad years ago, and now anything he says or does to her doesn’t phase her. That’s what I want. I want to be able to forgive him, and not let what he does phase me.

Its time to flip the page and reach for the future that was planned for us long before we were even born. The steps for us to reach those futures, are literally right in front of our faces, we just have to open our eyes to see those steps, to hear from God and listen to what He wants us to do. Don’t let the past effect your future.





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