First Christmas Present Done!

How is it already December?

Hey guys! Sorry the post didn’t go up yesterday. Things were hectic because we spent the afternoon getting our Christmas decorations up, and then I had work and the store I work at is now open until 10pm on Saturdays until after Christmas, so I didn’t get home until almost midnight. Yeah, that was fun.

Anyway, Christmas is only three weeks away and I have recently finished only one present. I know, I know, I really need to get a move on. At least I’m hoping that this year for gift planning will be easier than in past Christmases, because I have always struggled in finding gifts my family would like. I would like to say its because I don’t know them very well, but that would be a false statement. So for my older sister, (I’m only sharing this on the blog now because my sister doesn’t know I have started this blog…and she probably won’t until some time next year), I decided to do a wood burning project and just today, I finally completed it. I probably would have had it done sooner, I just didn’t get the paint or the paint brushes until a few days ago.

So for the last couple of months I have been working at Joann’s Fabrics and Crafts, and while it hasn’t been my favorite job, I’m thankful for it. I’ve always thought I would never be able to run a register because I am horrible at math and counting money (not always but there are times where I do struggle with it), but thanks to this job, I know I can run a register. And I have never really been a crafty person, I am more of a storyteller, but every time I am working and putting stuff away, I always get these grand ideas of things that I want to try making. Like my own jewelry, or my own clothes…stuff like that. I was originally planning on sewing my sister a scarf, gloves and hat set, but being so I don’t know how to sew (I was hoping to take a class), it would not have been done on time. Then one day, I saw a wood burning kit, and I remembered that at some point, my sister did do wood burning, so I decided to make her something with…wood burning. How many times can you say wood burning in one paragraph? Haha.

I did get the paint brush, the wood burner and the wood piece from Joann’s, and since I have employee discount it did help with the price. Where it all together probably would have been about close to $30, with the discount it brought the price I believe to somewhere $15-$20 which was really nice. The paint I got from Target, because it was cheaper, but only by a few bucks. It has honestly been so long since I last painted anything, so to me it was weird trying to figure out which angle to hold the brush at. And I did just paint the edges, but that paint can be saved for other projects in the future. Something I find funny is the first day I used the wood burner, I ended up burning my finger. Not badly, just left a little scab after I put it under cold water. But you guys will hopefully be seeing more wood burning projects, as well as other projects in the near future.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Have you even started yet?


And until Wednesday, that is all for tonight.



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