Short Story #1: The Night Everything Changed

SIDE NOTE: This is just a little short story based from the first season of Stranger Things on the night Will went missing from the moment he crashed his bike. I have never written a thriller/horror story before, so we will see how this turns out. Let me know what you guys think and if you would like to see more. I am always open for story prompts, so don’t hesitate to hit me up with any ideas. 

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Stranger Things


Thunder rumbled in the distance. Lightning flashed overhead. The leaves rustled as their branches brushed against each other in the wind. The young boy barely noticed the fall crisp air stinging his skin as he ran through the dark forest, taking the path that would eventually lead to his home. His breath was coming out in white puffs of air. He let out a cry of desperation. The boy chanced a glance over his shoulder, looking for the thing that was following him. There was nothing but darkness. That did nothing to help his already fried nerves. If anything, it pushed him to go faster. Adrenaline was the only thing keeping him going.

The boy could see his home only feet in front of him. He couldn’t help but offer a sigh of relief as he finally reached his destination. He ran through the home, ignoring the family’s barking dog. He ran around the house, quickly closing the curtains, before rushing through the house, looking for his mom or brother.

“Mom?” he called. There was no response. He checked each room that he passed. “Jonathan. Hello?”

The boy returned to the family room when the dog’s bark turned to a ferocious growl. The boy stood there, watching the door. He gasped in freight when he saw a dark shadow passed underneath the door. He ran for the phone, dialing the number to the store where his mother worked. He nearly cried with relief when he heard someone pick up on the other end.

“Hello? Mom?”

Instead of his mother’s voice, he heard heavy, raspy breathing on the other line. He dropped the phone in shock, letting it dangle from its chord. When the dog started to whine, the boy turned and ran to the back yard where the shed was, in search for the family rifle. He quickly found it and the required bullets. He tried to put as many bullets in as possible with his hands shaking as they were. Once it was loaded, the boy turned to the door of the shed, aiming the gun, ready for anything.

Seconds turned into minutes, and with each passing minute, the boy’s fear only grew. Then without warning, the temperature dropped. He could feel the beating of his heart rising. The hairs on the back of his neck tingled with anticipation. He prayed silently that this was all just a nightmare and his brother would be shaking him awake any minute for school. But somehow, the boy knew that wouldn’t be happening.

Suddenly, he had the feeling of being watched. He turned, his eyes wide, his entire body shaking from fear, not from cold. He couldn’t explain what he was looking at. It was a creature he had never seen before. It was a creature that would be in one of the games he played with his friends. An unexplainable, a fear he had never felt before soon overtook him, and he could only stand there, staring. The rifle fell to his side. As a bright light momentarily blinded him, he could only think of how he had not been so scared to want his mom as badly as he right then, since he was six.

Then all he saw was darkness.

Leaving the shed he was previously in empty, as though no one had ever been in it.





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