My Future Dream Job

Hey guys!

So for the last couple of weeks, I have been surprisingly struggling with writer’s block. Its surprising to me because I usually always have an idea of something to write. So, I looked up some blog post ideas, and something I saw was describing my future dream job. So I thought that I would give it a go. It may be boring, it may be interesting. Because at the time of typing this post, I actually had no idea what I was going to say.

So, lets get started!

I’m pretty sure I may have mentioned before, that I have been into writing and telling my own stories ever since I was young. My idea of a dream job would be something to do with sitting at a computer and typing. Be it coming up with best seller novels (which I can only dream of happening-as of right now), be a full time blogger, a journalist with a focus in political science. I would also be interest in doing philosophy with a focus in Bible. Yeah, its a strange mix, I know.

The thing with me though, is I hate having anything to do with giving speeches. Which is why I guess doing a blog like this sounded daunting at first, because doing a lifestyle blog is a little like giving a speech, if you think about it. And pretty much all of the interests in careers I mentioned above, would in some way have a speech involved. On more than one occasion. When I was in school giving oral reports, I remember holding the paper in my hand, and the paper would be shaking because I was so nervous. Before I started blogging, I even did think about starting an anonymous blog, but decided against it.

img_3892I guess I would also love a career that had travel involved because I haven’t had much of the chance to travel during my childhood or even over the last few years due to financial reasons. I do have a pretty big list of places I want to travel, Israel being at the top of that list. Another thing I find funny/ironic about traveling, because I’m not really into branching out and adventuring on my own, but I do love the idea of traveling all over the world.

So, yeah, there’s my dream job: either sitting at a computer typing away or out traveling the world and taking photographs or both even. I would honestly be happy with either one. Yeah, the sitting at the computer typing away may not be for some people. Some would probably rather want a job where they can at least go outside and interact with people.

Yeah again, sorry if this post is boring or if its short. My questions are what is your future dream job? And, what do you do to overcome your writer’s block?

Thanks again for reading!

(if you did)




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