Short Story #2: Murder In The Woods

SIDE NOTE: Hey guys! Welcome to my second short story. This will be my first attempt at writing a murder/mystery/crime story ever, so forgive me if its horrible. If this story were actually a novel, this part would be the prologue. I apologize ahead of time if none of this makes sense. I might turn it into a more than one part story arc, but we’ll see. No warnings that anyone needs to worry about, that I think anyway. Pretty much anything that I write will always be clean. It is a little short, I know, so again, I apologize in advanced. So, without further ado…I hope you guys enjoy Murder in the Woods


She found herself running through the forest late at night. She had no idea where she was, but she knew there had to be some form of civilization somewhere. Having come from the city, they couldn’t be far. Wherever they took her. The woman actually had no memory of what happened. All she knew was that she was supposed to meet her family for a dinner night, then she woke up in a trunk. She may have been disoriented at first, but she quickly got over the shock, and worked at getting herself free. Then they stopped and opened the trunk to pull her out. She didn’t hesitate on kicking and hitting at whoever took her. As the men regained their bearings, she took off running. She didn’t care where she ended up, just as long as she got away from those men.

The woman ran, looking this way and that, for any sign of life. It was hunting season, so she knew there had to be someone out somewhere in these woods. The woman heard the rev of an engine from behind. She shrieked in fear, pushing herself to go faster. She could easily remember all of those taunts she got from her family for joining the track team, how it was a pointless sport. They would soon regret those words when they found out that running was what helped her get away from something terrible. The woman ran around a boulder and crouched down low.

Her hands were shaking. She had a hard time controlling her breathing. If she didn’t calm down soon though, she knew that she could start hyperventilating. And that would not be good. Especially at a time like this. The woman could feel her energy leaving, the last bit of adrenaline keeping her going finally receding. She took deep breaths, hoping to calm down at least a little. As her breathing slowed, she noticed how quiet it was. Silence reigned all around her. Even the birds had stopped chirping.

She was just about to get up and continue on her way, when a man dressed in black blocked her path. She shrieked in fear, falling back to the ground. She looked behind her to see two more men. They advanced on her, surrounded her. She watched, her eyes widening, as one of the men pulled a gun.

She put up a hand. “No, please don’t!”

But her plea went unheard.

The man aimed his weapon, his finger hovering over the trigger. Then, without a moments hesitation, he fired. And the woman fell to the ground.




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